Hey, my name is Tash, and welcome to TeaLightSky – My little hub of all things tea, light, and sky related. 946639_10200948230621190_1570424401_n

I love to write and pass the time by not specializing in anything particularly mainstream.

I have never perfected the art of summing myself up. I live in London and love the city, but nature is my best buddy too. 

I subsist on dark chocolate and cheesecake. My perfect world would involve abundant carrot cake and peanut butter spread on everything. One time, I bought a huge cheese burger and then joined a Vegetarian Society. Its not a commitment issue nor indecision. I just like variety and moderation in everything 🙂

In my perfect world, sunlight would pour through the huge glass windows of my beach condo, via the bedroom windows facing east and the huge patio facing west. I would be able to read and write all day, travel would be endless. Warm breezes and shores would be a regular friend. I would have endless stacks of photos of pretty places, colors and scenes plastered all over the walls, stored under the bed and lying everywhere in between. I’d pass the time doing everything I love the most. Writing, reading, photography and everything  else out there that there is yet to discover.

Is this a little vague?

After 18 years I still haven’t decided which is the best season. My favourite colour is sunlight. I walk everywhere.

This blog is dedicated to being a miscellaneous canvas for everything in my life which deserves a little more exhibition before being forgotten. Everything from random thoughts, tasty eats, amateur photography, and London my home.

Everyone in my undergrad realm seems to know what they want to do with their life. Even if they are a little uncertain, they have something they are partially committing their time wholeheartedly to.  My indecisive nature extends a little when it comes to thinking about who I am, and what I want to do with my life. I really haven’t a clue, I do want to be fulfilled at some point. The world is dauntingly generous with opportunity nowadays. Still trying to figure whether or not that is good or bad.

Regarding my gigantic list of resolutions for 2014, I promised myself that I would actively carry myself further towards my dream of becoming a Journalist one day. You can’t get anywhere if you don’t have a goal, and you can’t reach your goal if you don’t have a plan…It’s time to push, live and dream to the extreme. I’m thankful to be at a stage in my life where I can reflect and get things wrong and still have a mountain of time to chug through with no regrets. I’m glad I have realized that I am what nobody else ever chooses to do.  One of my favorite people in the world once told me that the world was my oyster.

Perhaps TeaLightSky can help me clear my head a bit.

Hope you enjoy. xo

Disclaimer: All photos published on this site are my own unless otherwise specified. Please ask/let me know/give credit if you want to use them elsewhere 🙂


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